Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snow in Sedona for Spring Break!!!

During Kylie's spring break in March, it was unseasonably cold & rainy.  This would have been a welcome change to the quickly warming weather, but we had plans to head up north to Sedona and were slightly disappointed to not be able to go hiking or enjoy the mountains.  I've lived in AZ for 25 years and have been to Sedona multiple times, but I had never seen the red rocks covered in snow and as beautiful as it was when we were there! 

It was actually still snowing on us as we drove into town, but it made for some beautiful pictures!

I took the next few pictures from the Sedona Airport lookout vista.  I never knew this place existed and I'm so glad we got to check it out!  It gets really busy at sunset because the views are amazing, but it's totally worth it in my book :)  Plus, it's right in the middle of the town so you don't have to drive very far to get there.

I had to get this picture of Kylie wearing her bathing suit with snow boots!  Our hotel had a pool that literally looked like a boiling pot of water because the water was heated and the air was so cold.  But there was no way that this girl was going home without having used the pool just down our stairs!

We found a little off the beaten path sandwich shop called "Sedona Memories" that seriously has the best and biggest sandwich I have ever had.  This picture totally doesn't do it justice, but these sammies are huge and so yummy!  Even better, they are only $7 and you get a free cookie if you call in your order!  This will definitely be a favorite place to eat every time we visit!

We spent our last day exploring downtown and the Telaquepaque shopping center.  My hubs is such a good sport when we vacation and always gives me a little time to window shop.  I think I spent more time snapping pictures of the kids but they are better than anything else I could look at anyways :) 

Did you do anything fun for your spring break?!?

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