Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Target:: 10 Free Photo Prints & How I Organize my Photos

Target has a great deal on photo prints this week. Prints are on sale 10/$1, plus there is a Target printable coupon good for $1 off 10 prints.  You can print this coupon twice so you can get 20 prints for free.  I love these freebies and love that there's a Target on the way to my daughter's school!!!

I take tons of pictures and download them to my computer every few weeks.  I organize my files by month and then have sub-folder of special events or holidays that happen that month.  There's no way I could or should print all of my pictures so I also keep a sub-folder called "to print" in every month.  This is where I place a copy of those best pictures that I want to print for scrapbooking or other projects. 

I try to update these "to print" folders every several months so when a great print deal like this, or one from Snapfish or Shutterfly comes along, I don't have to spend tons of time going through all my pictures.  I know right where to go and it takes just a few minutes instead of hours. 

Once the pictures have been printed, I rename the file "printed."  This method also gives me a place to quickly look when I want the best photos of something.

Do any of you have suggestions for how you organize your photos???

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