Monday, November 8, 2010

Printable $5 off $20 and $10 off $50 Grocery Coupons & My Saturday Fry's Trip

Fry's continues to accept competitors coupons like the ones from Fresh & Easy to maximize your savings, so be sure to print the coupons below for your next shopping trip.  I've been saving tons of money using thes coupons, especially with this week's great deals.  Some cashiers will allow you to stack these $$ off coupons but others will only take one coupon regardless of the total bill amount. 

Fresh & Easy Printable $5 off a $20 purchase

Fresh & Easy Printable $10 off $50 purchase

I went shopping on Saturday and picked up everything in this picture.  My original bill was $113 but after manufacturer coupons and store savings, my total was $17, a savings of $96!   This was definitely one of my best shopping trips in a long while

I've mentioned it before but I've found it works best for me to check out each week's store deals on Pinching Your Pennies and then cross check the ads with coupons myself.  Pinching Your Pennies compiles the best deals in multiple cities at almost every store so you are bound to find the list that works for you ... and the best part is that it's free.  You can print out the list or write your own based on your family needs.  There are some services that you can pay to subscribe to a weekly grocery list but I figure why spend money when the point is to save money.  I like to recommend this if you are just starting out in the coupon game :)

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