Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nathan: 8 Months Old

Each month that passes by, I say it again: I can't believe my little guy is getting so big!  He seems to change so quickly and I am trying hard to savor each stage and accomplishment before the next one comes.  His personality is becoming quite apparent and he is simply a happy kiddo :)  He loves to smile and one of his favorite things to do is jump his legs and flap his arms at the same time - so much energy!  He loves to make sure that everyone knows he is around and life is getting a whole lot more interesting!  Here are a few things that I want to make sure I remember about Nathan at 8 months:

*You started crawling this month and you are into everything!  We never had to cover outlets or latch cupboards or block the fireplace with your big sister, but there is no doubt you will be different :)  We already covered all the outlets but we've got to figure out something with those cords - as much as you like to think, they are not chew toys!

*You are wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes and I'm beginning to wonder if the 12 month clothes I bought you for winter are going to be too small!

*Your big sister, Kylie, is still your favorite person in the world.  You could be screaming and crying but if she walks up and gives you a smile or a hug, the frown instantly turns into a huge grin.  She loves playing with you and you certainly love her!

*You have taken a liking to solid foods and you definitely  let us know when you are hungry!  We haven't found a food you don't like yet, but some of your favorites are green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, & bananas.  You don't care so much for the baby cereal anymore but if it's disguised with a fruit or veggie you will eat it.  You normally have solids at breakfast & dinner and I think we'll start them at lunch when big sister starts Kindergarten next month (yikes!)

*You still drink about 6 oz of formula every 4 hours and sometimes more. We started mixing the Similac Sensitive with the Advance and you have done fine with that.  You're still on the Prevacid but at the rate you are growing I'm sure you are growing out of the reflux.

*You have become quite the water lover.  You are so relaxed in the pool and you actually love lying on your back in the water!  I don't know many babies that actually will comfortably get their ears wet but you love it.  And you look pretty darn cute in your rash guard & wide brim hat :)

*You did pretty well on your first long car trip to California last month.  You slept for a lot of the ride and played for a bit and were overall a great traveler.  You definitely didn't care too much for the sandy beaches so I kept you in the Kidco PeaPod Plus Travel Bed and you were a happy camper.

*You love being hung from your feet - crazy huh!?!  If you are crying or fussy, if we hold you up by the ankles and let you hang upside down, you give the best belly laughs!

* And just this past week you began to pull yourself up on things like your exersaucer, the family room table, the couch, your crib and anything else that you can grab.  We are in for a busy season with you :)

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