Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brain Surgery

A week ago today, just as my parents were arriving in San Diego for vacation after the 7 hour drive from Phoenix, they received a phone call regarding my step-sister, Jayme.  She had collapsed at work and was at a local hospital waiting to be transported via helicopter to Barrow's Neurological Hospital . . . it was a brain aneurysm.

Fast forward a week to today and Jayme is recovering from a successful brain surgery to repair the malfunctioning capillaries (I think!) which caused the aneurysm.   The great news is the surgeon said everything looks wonderful now and she is very much alive - Praise God!  She is still in the ICU with a drain in her head and a 5 inch incision across her hair line where the surgeon repaired the brain bleed. 

She will prayerfully leave the ICU in just a few days and continue her recovery in the "normal" part of the hospital - if there is such a thing???  She isn't expected to have any long term damage but she has a long recovery ahead of her and a ton of friends & family waiting to give her all the support she needs.

If you think about it, would you please take just a moment and pray for Jayme and her brother and my parents.  This is going to be a really long road, even after she is released from the hospital and she will need a lot of help.  She also has a 12 year old daughter that has gone through a lot this year and could really use some normalcy in her life. I have complete confidence that the Creator of our bodies and the universe will take this journey with her if she allows Him to and I'm praying that happens.  Love you Jayme!!!

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