Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Favorite Thing: Val Westover Photography Workshop

I'm becoming a bigger fan of Groupon every day and I hope that you are starting to feel the same! 

Yesterday I redeemed an early Christmas gift from my mom - a ticket to attend the ValWestover's Photography WorkshopIt was absolutely amazing! 

There's not really a more descriptive way to explain it other than total enlightenment & awe inspiring.  I learned more in 6 hours with Val & Stephanie than I had learned in the previous 18 months of owning my new DSLR camera!  It gave me a foundation for photography that finally clicked and an understanding that I pray will improve my skills and further my love for photography! 

I learned the basics of SLR photography like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, lighting and so much other valuable information.  Before yesterday I felt like I should have understood these terms since I own the camera, but I couldn't begin to tell you what they were or how they function, let alone where they were on my camera.  Now, I have a better understanding of each and homework to practice every night :)  I know the only way to remember all these nuggets of golden info is to pick up my camera & practice every day.  Maybe telling the blog world will keep me accountable!

And, prayerfully, come mid-November, we'll have another sweet little subject that I can practice on!

If this groupon deal ever comes up again, I will be sure to let you know and you'll likely see me there again!  I now see it as something that I could (& should) attend every 6 months and learn something new every time, especially as my understanding grows.  Even better, maybe next time we'll plan a vacation around his out of state workshops in San Francisco, Houston, LA, Salt Lake City, or someplace else exotic!

Thanks Mom, it was a gift that will truly last a lifetime :)

(Here's a few shots from the day practicing what I learned.  Still a long way to go but better than before!)


Instructor Stephanie Adriana

Instructor Val Westover

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