Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You

I want to communicate a very sincere thank you to so many of you that have left comments and well wishes to our family over the past 2 weeks.  We have been so encouraged and loved despite our broken hearts.  Plus  it's easier for us this time to rest knowing that Abigail is in a safe & secure environment where we know she will be loved and taken care of.  Our family took an impromptu vacation to the beach last week and we're headed to the mountains this week so we've had some really good family time together.  When we get back next week, I promise I'll start sharing the deals again. 

Our hearts are still sad but we have been well considering everything, and watching the Lord provide a peace about everything has been unbelievable.  Kylie has been much less effected this time than she was with Caden, and looking back we are so grateful that Abigail didn't come home with us!  We wanted her home with us so much at the hospital, but we now see how the Lord was protecting us from even more heartbreak.

We continue to wait with hopeful expectation that we'll get a phone call from our agency again very soon.  We pray that the child(ren) that is meant to be in our family forever will come to us very soon and we very much look forward to that disruption in our lives :)  Thank you so much for all the support and I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful extended family of readers in so many of you! 

I'm so grateful for the personal relationship I have with the Lord to get me thru life and things like this.  If there is anyone reading that doesn't know what this means and would like to know more, please contact me and I would love to share my experience with you. 


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