Monday, August 9, 2010

Free $5 Gift Card to H&M w/Kids Purchase

One of our readers let me know that H&M is trying to win our business for back-to-school shopping by offering a free $5 gift card with every kids purchase

I recently got into the new H&M store at Fashion Square and it is amazing.  I'm not sure the quality is that great and most of the prices were still pretty high, in my opinion, but there are definitely some deals to be had.  I was very surprised to find that 1) they carry kids clothes and 2) they have a lot of inexpensive choices for kids! 

Our closets are all set for summer but I haven't done a great job of stocking up for the winter, so this looks like a special mother daughter shopping trip for us :) 

This offer expires August 12.

Thanks, Lenka!

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