Friday, June 26, 2009

Clorox Rebate at Fry's

Update: Here's a picture of the mail in rebate hanger.

Lenka just let me know about a great deal she found while shopping at Fry's.

Clorox Bleach has a rebate attached to it for free Clorox 2 for Colors after rebate. Check your store for these hangers!

She bought Clorox bleach (on sale for 1.99), Clorox 2 Free and Clear (33 load on clearance for 4.97) and got a $1.50 off coupon for next purchase at Fry’s at the register. Bottom line - she paid 50 cents for a bottle of bleach and Clorox 2.

Lastly, don’t forget to use the coupons on You choose the coupons you want to load onto your loyalty card and when you scan your card at the grocery store, the coupon is automatically deducted if you purchase a qualifying item! The best part about is there is no clipping, sorting, and forgetting your coupons at home! It's already loaded on your card ready for your at the checkout!

Thanks for sharing your successes Lenka, who can I highlight next!?

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