Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walgreens: Orajel moneymaker

In last Sunday's paper, there was a coupon for $1/1 Orajel and an $8 rebate to go along with it.

At Walgreens, they have an easysaver catalog that offers several items for free each month when you submit your receipts via mail or online. For the month of January, the Orajel Cold Sore Brush or the 8-Pack of Patches are free after rebate. Purchase 1 of these items at Walgreens for $8.49 and use the $1/1 coupon. Then submit your receipt online on the Walgreens website to get this refund back either by check, or on a Walgreens gift card. (When you get to the website, click on the box that says EasySaver catalog in the middle of the page and register.) If you choose the gift card option, they give you an additional 10% back onto the card. You'll make $1 (minus tax) after the instant coupon and EasySaver rebate from Walgreens.

Then, send in the receipt along with the rebate form that was in Sunday's paper with the $1 coupon and you'll make another $8 minus the stamp!

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