Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Eve

Now that our best friends all have young kids, the late night parties and sleepless new year's celebrations seem to become more and more a thing of the past. So this year, we decided to host new year's in our new home and rather than sit around waiting for midnight to come and the kids to fall asleep (I mean, did I say kids, I meant us!) we choose to ring in the new year with the east coast at 9pm. I think all the cars were packed and children asleep before 10pm that night and I couldn't think of a more relaxing way to usher in a new year!

Our prayer and hope is that 2009 is a year that once again, we can look forward to knowing that God holds each of us so tightly in his hand that nothing will come our way that he has not prepared us to handle. May you all come to know the amazing gift that a personal relationship with Christ brings! Here's to a wonderful 2009!

Amazing Girlfriends!

Kylie & AJ = Buddies for Life!

All the kids in one picture, almost looking at the camera!

Kylie and Brody

Crazy Ballerina

Such great dads!


Our Blog Dedication: said...

Yay! I think I have all the names to faces now, thanks to your Christmas blogs! You guys got some really good pictures, such a cute family! We're off to take naps, I'll talk to you soon!

The Riley's said...

Thanks for hosting such an awesome New Years. I couldn't have imagined us celebrating in any other way or with any other people. You guys are truly the best!!

Mike and Jackie D. said...

We love spending time with your family! Thank you for always being such a joy to be with!