Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

I think that God is in the process of teaching me that I can get by on much less sleep that I can imagine. You see, when we moved, we also moved Kylie from her crib into her big girl bed. For no reason other than we thought it would be easier to not put her crib back together again. Let's just say I would put the crib back together 1000 times over looking back! Kylie has always been an amazing sleeper and we had a reputation going for that, and I mean she would go to bed at 7pm and wake up around 8am. I know we had it lucky and we had a great thing going, but my body has always needed sleep. Well, since the move to the big bed, Kylie has decided that she wants to get up before the sun and come wake mommy & daddy around 5:45am every morning. Now, I might be able to handle it if this was even 6:45am, but let's just say that we've been missing a lot of sleep around here. She must have a seriously overworked internal time clock because when she's up, she's up!

My gracious husband is almost always the one to jump out of bed and take Kylie in to watch the WonderPets or Care Bears or Toy Story and let mom sleep until he goes to work or I wake up (normally the latter!) Well, on one lovely pre-dawn morning this week when daddy was on shift, Kylie decided to awake even earlier, at 5:15am despite missing her nap the previous day. That morning, she absolutely did need her beauty rest and her internal clock needed some new batteries :) She also decided that she would start waking us up completely naked, diaper and all. This was also one of these such mornings! Finally, after many tears and fighting not to go back to bed, I awoke again at 7:15 to come into her room and find this:

Kylie fast asleep, completely naked (picture has been censored :) ) on her Dora sleeping bag in her closet!!! I couldn't help but love her more at that moment than any other 5:45am moments! Honey, this is one that will definitely be shown in the wedding montage!

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