Friday, October 31, 2008

My mom, My Hero!

I had the opportunity to go to williams arizona with my mom on a retreat with her church. We stayed at Lost Canyon, the Young Life camp here in Arizona, and there was always something to do to keep us busy. It was such a fun time to just hang out with my mom and enjoy a great break from the heat. One of the highlilghts was the zipline that they have going from the mountain into the lake. We both decided that it would be a great experience and were ready to conquer our fears and come back with great pictures. Well, the morning of our activity, there was a consistent rain and it was super chilly that day. So I, being the wiser and more mature of our pair (ha ha ha!) decided it would best for my body not to subject it to the intense zipline activity :) However, my mom, the adventure woman she is, had no problem with the cold & rain and decided to show up her daughter - I guess that's still her place, to put me in mine! She's the one that lands in the water first, and so gracefully I must add! Here you can see a video I took of her launch and landing. I love you mom!

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Our Blog Dedication: said...

I am very impressed! I hope I can be Anabelle's hero some day!