Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ballet class

As a mother, I was very nervous to try another activity, since my last attempt at swim lessons caused my almost perfect daughter to be asked not to come back - as if!!! I can't imagine who wouldn't want to see her precious face every day, even if it was covered in tears, lol! I'm not sure who was more devastated by that event, but we decided to try it again, so this time I enrolled her in wee ballet. This is a parks & rec class designed for 2 year olds, so I knew Kylie would fit in well - at least with her correct age group! This class has been a great test of my patience because I want Kylie to be good at everything as soon as she starts it. And I want her to listen to all the teachers because then everyone will think what a great mom I am! Yikes, did I spell selfish correctly?!? Well, the Lord decided to humble me really quick having Kylie in this wee ballet class.

Please don't get me wrong, she is doing really well and I love watching her interact with the other kids. It's just so easy to start to compare your kid to everyone else's and I have to remind myself that she is a God created individual with her own timeline and talents and behaviors. One of the things that made me most frustrated was that she wouldn't listen to the teacher very well. My first instinct was to punish her in time out until she would listen and respond to the teacher, but I quickly learned that we would be missing the entire ballet class while sitting in time out :) My own mom then graciously reminded me that a)she's only 27 months old and that b)she is a really good kid!!! There are characteristics in her that the Lord specifically choose for Kylie's will and I get to thank God everyday for those traits and learn how to gently shape her into who God has designed her to become and not me :)

I now try to get ready for ballet with a much better attitude that this is simply fun for her, and if she only runs across the classroom without pointing her toes or doing a "pleat" (I don't have a clue how to spell that one!), it's okay because she's learning new things everyday and this is one more thing that is making her into God's not-so-perfect Kylie. But then again, if she were perfect, what would our need be for a perfect God? Thanks Lord for giving me this insight and I pray that I keep it close at hand!


EB said...

Carolyn is taking a little dance class this fall, too. I think the problem you described above is the reason they don't allow the parents in the classroom! This bothered me at first because I want to watch!! But you throw a different light on the subject- I think if I did watch, I wouldn't be able to help comparing. It's a common ailment of all parents. You (all parents) think your child is the very most wonderful thing that ever happened to this world, and you're anxious for her to demonstrate this to everyone else. It's horrible, but sometimes in situations like this, I realize that what is really bothering me when she doesn't "perform" is the reflection that sends on ME. I have always wanted to do my BEST and have whatever I'm associated with be perceived by others as truly excellent. Raising a child isn't really like doing a really awesome job at work or in school- there's a whole other human being involved with her own assets and liabilities- and how and what she does is increasingly an expression of HER, not me- because she is her own person. I've thought about this a lot when I've had moments like you've described with Kiley. I feel glad to have noticed this tendency when my child is 2, and not have been blind to it until she is 12 or older! I could so easily damage her wonderful self by counting on her to make ME look good. Yikes!

Anyway, lots of rambling. Kiley looks adorable in the pictures!! We have a parent observation day in November; I can't wait to see Carolyn actually DOING the dancing stuff. She talks about it a lot and loves it. Just seeing her in the little outfit is worth the price I had to pay for the class! :) Yet another reason I'm so glad to have GIRLS! :)

Hope all is well with you guys!

Erin McFarland said...

this is so cute Becca! hopefully Shay can begin to join her in some of the parks and recs classes soon!!

Our Blog Dedication: said...

SOo cute! I agree with your mom, she's only two! The fact that she is dressed, fed, and rested for class is an accomplishment in and of itself. You're doing an awesome job with her and I am so lucky to have you as a 'mom' friend. :)

The Riley's said...

Well, even if she doesn't listen 100% of the time, she's at least adorable & cute 100% of the time. I just love her little ballet outfits and from the video, it looks like she minds the teacher just as much as the rest of the kiddo's do:) You definitely have to keep us updated on when her first dance recital is - those are the best!