Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wee Movement Class

Now that it's "100-teens" degrees on a consistent basis in Phoenix, we've been looking for more things to do inside to keep us busy out of our house. I've become a huge fan of the Parks & Rec system and hope that we can get into more classes this fall! On Mondays, we've been taking a Wee Movement class with about 8 other kiddos. Kylie can be pretty shy with kids she doesn't know, but by the last class, she was doing the movements, jumping like a frog, and sailing along on the "ally ally oop" river! Here's a few action shots along with just a simply adorable picture of her! (Kylie is in the pink shirt and brown shorts.) We've also registered for a Toddler Tumbling class that starts next week, so we can't wait for something new to try out! Stay tuned for an update on that next week.

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