Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playgroup Friends!

One of the favorite things that we look forward to every other week is one of our playgroups. All our kids are around the same age and we've been meeting for about the last year. It's been so fun to watch the kids grow up and change. Here is a picture that we've finally been able to grab of the kids, but we're missing Eva & Melinda. It's so great to have a group of like-minded moms who are dedicated to raising our kids in a Godly home. Praise God for good friends like these!

We also had a chance to visit our community Christmas Party this morning and play in the snow! Yep, that's right, it didn't actually snow, but they trucked in several tons of the white stuff so kids could have some fun. I think it was actually more fun for the parents, but Kylie got a kick out of it for a while. All she kept saying was "col, col" or her version of cold!

It looks like Kylie has taken her dad's taste buds and has discovered the new fun food of olives. (Definitely not one of mom's favorites!) She learned the fun of putting an olive on the end of her finger and sucking them off the tips. Funny thing is that she would stick a finger in her mouth and then pull it off without eating the olive - she was enjoying them too much and didn't want to see it disappear!!!

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