Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting better each day

Well, I apologize because I realize that an update is in order as my last post was so long ago. It's been a crazy last month and a half, but God is so good and faithful, and I feel like I'm finally making progress in the right direction. I ended up back at Mayo Hospital for a week with a severe flare-up with my Crohn's Disease, and was released the night before Thanksgiving in somewhat the same condition as when I arrived. The only change was I was on a full cocktail of drugs to try and bring my flare under control. It took several weeks, lots of prayer, tons of help from family & friends, and my body's cooperation for the inflamation in my digestive system to slow down and restore itself. There were several days that I simply wanted to give up, but I had so much encouragemtnt from my amazing husband, my joyful daughter, and family that would not let me lift a finger!

Praise God because I can say that I have had several really great days and nights in a row and I truly feel like my body is healing more and more each day. I guess it's going to be a learning curve for me to understand how I'll react to flare-ups post-surgery, but I know that my body will come out of it in time. I continue to trust that God knows what his plans are for my life and try to stay confident in that each day, regardless of how I'm feeling. But it's really tough sometimes.

Eric has been able to start using his walking cast without the crutches and is managing to get around well. His ankle still gets swollen and sore when he is up too much, but his tri-weekly physical therapy should start to strengthen his muscles. He has been such a strong support for me and it just reminds me again that God knew even before any of us that Eric would be my perfect compliment and would be able to support me and our family exactly as he has done. I couldn't be a more complete wife to anyone else and I love him dearly for this!

We've managed to snap a few photos in the past few weeks so here are some updated pics of Kylie. She continues to be the other love of our lives and we can't imagine our house without her laughter and talking. She's starting to put words together that only we can understand, and she loves to say "no no no." We hope you're enjoying this Christmas season and we think of all our friends often!


Anonymous said...

Becca -

I have been praying for you. I left you a message on your cell. I hope you received it. We love you!

Heidi Anderson

The LoGrassos said...

Praise the Lord!!!! We will continue to pray for you, and I'm so encouraged to here this. Love, Anne