Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Potty Training!!! Viewer Discretion is Advised :)

Well, it started a little bit earlier than I expected, but I'm not complaining at all! For the past several weeks, Kylie has been very curious when we use the restroom and has been intrigued by it all. She has never enjoyed having anything in her diaper and lets us know quickly when it needs to be changed. So I decided to go to Toys R Us and pick up a potty for her just to put in the bathroom to start exploring. The first day, she loved playing with it and taking the bowl in and out of the potty. All day long we would mention potty, and she would quickly grab our hand and run us back to where her potty is and sit on it! It was her newest toy and she loved it. The next day, we watched her go in her normal "poop corner" and start to squat, so we quickly picked her up, took off her diaper, and put her on her potty. She sat there for a minute and then proceeded to do her business on her potty! Talk about some proud parents!!! We praised her and gave her some M&M's. The next day, she followed me into the restroom and I took off her diaper and she proceeded to go pee in the potty this time! It was so exciting! (Is it crazy for us to be so excited when our children eliminate waste from their bodies!!!) And now she is learning how to tell us before she goes in her diaper so we can run to the bathroom. Anyway, she is by no means ready for big girl underpants, and it's only been happening about once a day, but we thought it was a pretty big milestone that she wants to use the big girl potty. Congratulations Kylie!


Mike and Jackie D. said...

Mike and I cannot get over how adorable Kylie is!!!

Erin said...

This pic is so funny Becca! You must save it for her wedding montage video one day! Nothin like a cup of milk and sittin on the pot! What a cute little bear she is as well :) You just want to pick her up and snuggle her with that sweet little costume!