Monday, October 8, 2007

A Much Needed Update

Well, it's has been a while since I last posted new pics of Kylie and the family. It's now been 3 weeks to date from my surgery and I feel like I have a new lease on life! God is so good and my surgery went fabulously and I'm recovering well. The doctors at Mayo did an amazing job and I have not had any of my previous Crohn's Disease symptoms that I was having prior to my surgery. In fact, they said that there is not a drug in existance today that would have healed me without the surgery, so I feel confident in my choice! It truly is amazing and I have a whole new outlook on feeling "normal" again! Eric has been a huge help in taking care of Kylie, as well as all our family here in town. The only challenge has been that I'm not able to lift Kylie at all for 6 weeks post-surgery, so 3 more weeks to go.

To overcome the challenge of getting Kylie in & out of her crib, Eric rigged her playslide up to her crib so she climbs up the slide to go to bed and slides down it to get out of bed! Isn't my husband a genuis! You can take a look at her new retrofit crib below!

Also, we've had Heidi, Eric's parents' dog, stay with us while they've been visiting Eric's brother & his wife on the east coast. I've got a funny picture of her trying to give the dogs a bone too! I hope these photos give a quick insight into our last month!

I'm finally feeling well enough to play with Kylie!
My mom was a huge help watching Kylie during my initial recovery

Do you just love this girl or what!?!

My new favorite past-time, reading my books!

This morning, we had our good friends, Erin & Shay McFarland, Lenka & Anna Mans, & Christie Coltvet come visit & play for a while. Great friends are so hard to come by and we love you guys!

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B. Irv said...

We're glad to see you recovering well!! We've been praying for you. Kudo's to Eric on the slide idea, nicely done.