Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Wow, I can hardly believe that an entire year has passed as Kylie celebrated her first birthday last night with our family! It was such a fun time to celebrate and remember all the milestones that this year has had in her life, first smile, first step, first tooth, etc. As I look back at her pictures each month since she came 5 weeks early and I can't belive this is the same little infant that weighed just 5lbs 6ozs a few 12 months ago. It's been such an amazing adventure for the both of us and we look forward to what her future brings. We've been so blessed with this amazing gift from the Lord and we thank him each night that He's given us another day to spend with her! Children truly are a gift from the lord and we are so thankful!!!

Kylie's Uncle Travis is also a firefighter who works at a station just about 10 minutes from our house. He and his crew were kind enough to give Kylie a wonderful birthday present and came to her party with the fire trucks, lights going and sirens on! Thank you Daisy Mountain Fire Dept!

Kylie's Great Grandma Annabelle & Great Grandma Doris celebrated with her.

Her first experience with cake & frosting was certainly entertaining!

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Smiles4Kylee said...

The Lord did truly bless us with our Smiling Kylee's. Ours is sitting at his feet as I write this. But her memory lives on.
The McCreight Family