Monday, May 21, 2007

Anthem Music in May

This past weekend, we got a chance to hang out with some of our amazing friends. Amy & Andrew live in Anthem where they do some fabulous family events thruout the year. Currently they are having free family concerts on Saturday nights during the month of May! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect & the food wonderful, but we couldn't ask for a more wonderful group of friends that we are blessed to spend time with. Here are just a few shots. Also, check out the link to AJ Price's blog to view a more comprehensive video of the concert festivities!

In the background, Amy & Andrew & AJ, Britt, Mike & Jackie (& baby), & Tim - what a great night of fellowship & good food!

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Our Blog Dedication: said...

In that first picture of AJ and Kylie, I can see it in AJ's eyes, he was going right for her pacifier. :)