Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Joy of Eating

So, meal time has become one of my favorite parts of the day simply because Kylie gets so excited about it! You can tell from her expression and body language that it's like winning the lottery everytime she sits in her highchair because she knows she gets to eat! She'll flap her arms like she's going to fly away and wiggle her little fingers, and she starts breathing really heavy - we just can't help but laugh at her enthusiasm for food! We've experimented with several differnt foods now, and I've even become proficient at making our own baby food - Mixed Veggies are her current favorite :)


EB said...

Loving the pictures. Keep it up! It's so fun to see Kylie's sweet pictures and hear about what's going on with you guys. We miss you!
EB (and Brad and Carolyn)

Our Blog Dedication: said...

I love your blog! It will be so much fun to check up on Kylie and see what she is up to! AJ can't wait to have her over on Saturday! Amy and AJ