Monday, January 29, 2007

But I want the Dog Bone!

If you can believe it, of all the toys that we have in the house and that Kylie got for Christmas, the only thing she ever wants to play with is Buster's dog bone. It must be one of those lessons in life kind of like Eve & the forbidden fruit. The one thing she wants, out of an entire house full of amazing toys, is the one thing she can't have! We'll throw it into the other room and Buster will run after it, and she's not too far behind him. It is so fun to watch their interaction. Buster is doing so well with Kylie considering that she steals his only toy and pulls his collar & fur constantly. We're trying to teach her to pet him with an open hand, but she's got a pretty firm grip and can get a fistful of his fur sometimes! I think that he has finally realized & adjusting to his new lot in life - second to Kylie!


EB said...

I can totally relate! Out of all the wonderful toys that Carolyn has, her favorite things seem to be the ones I don't want her to have- I can't seem to keep her away from Baggins' disgusting squeaky bottle toy (ugh!!) and she is absolutely fixated with the remote control!!!

I wish I could say that Baggins has realized and adjusted to his new lot in life- but he is still feeling sour about it- I just had the carpet cleaned 2 weeks ago, and he has marked in the house at least three times since then!!! Grrrr!!! Any tips?

Kylie looks like she's crawling!!! Is she?? Carolyn isn't there quite yet- she just rolls and rolls and rolls- but she can make some pretty good distance!

Our Blog Dedication: said...

Good to know, I better start throwing away some of Panzer and Schatzi's toys that are a few years old and disgusting! I am so glad you get to go through all of this first and I know what's ahead of us. :)