Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of First Grade

The beginning of the summer seemed to drag on very slowly and the days at home seemed long and HOT, but once I got sick and was stuck in the hospital for 9 days, it seemed like the days flew by and there wasn't enough time to do what everyone wanted!  It seemed like we didn't get to go swimming enough, or make sweet treats often enough, or stay up late having movie nights.  Rita Davenport, the previous president of the company I worked for, used to always say that we only get 18 summers with our kids and to not waste them, and boy that seemed to be so true this year!  We did everything we could to make the rest of our summer the best!  And so a few weeks ago, my little girl became a first grader!

This year took a bit of adjusting as there were some tears in the classroom on the first day from missing mommy & daddy.  However, the kids read The Kissing Hand on the first day, so each morning for the first week, I would kiss her hand and she would hold it up to her cheek and instantly feel better :)  The simple things right?

Kylie's teacher this year is very different from her kindergarten teacher, but that's to be expected in first grade.  Kindergarten is where they get to be cuddled and sweetly nurtured and it's still a lot about playing and socializing.  However first grade is the big leagues and they jump right in.  (Thankfully Kylie developed an amazing ability and love for reading over the summer so that has been an easy transition for her.  Math on the other hand, not so much!)  All this to say that her teacher this year is quite a bit more strict which scared her a bit at the beginning.  However, now that we all have gotten to know her more and have gotten into a routine, we are very happy and are confident that Kylie will thrive in her classroom this year!

I love this girl so much and could not be any more proud of her! 

 She was so excited to wear her new back to school dress, thanks Grandma!

 Some dear friends that she made in kindergarten that are in her class again this year!

 And she's off!

Best Buddies!

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