Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Wedding Shower for Rynata

Last month, my cousin, Rynata, got married to Steven in a beautiful backyard ceremony surrounded by friends and family.  I like to think I have a special bond with Rynata as we share the same birthday and now we share an anniversary that is only 1 day apart!  I am so excited for their marriage and look forward to her getting to experience all the joys of marriage! 

My aunt Connie and another cousin, Erin, and myself had the privilege of throwing Rynata a bridal shower a few weeks before the wedding and I'm finally getting a chance to write about it.  I've said it before but I love party planning!  It's so much fun to me and I love all the details!  The afternoon was a success and Rynata was honored and showered with love.  Congratulations Rynata & Steven!

 My cousin, Erin, the bride-to-be Rynata in her "Little Black Apron", and myself.

My anut had the great idea to create a "cake" out of things that she had on her registry.  After some testing and re-arranging, I'm truly impressed with what we came up with using 3 brains and 6 hands!  We used a kitchen colander (upside down as the base) and a utensil bucket on top and wrapped each layer with a hand towel and secured them with safety pins.  We then took pot holders and folded them in half on the top to cover the utensil bucket and tied a ribbon around to secure them.  We used two pot holder gloves and wrapped them around the center for a third layer.  Finally we arranged the utensils on top and used more ribbon and fabric flowers to make it pretty.  I was pretty impressed with out work!

My Aunt Connie spent many hours making these adorable wedding cake shaped cake pops.  They were definitely a labor of love but I'm glad she didn't give up as the final product was amazing!  

 How cute is the packaging of this gift she received!  Rynata and her husband are huge out-doors people so they registered for some camping equipment.  This is how the gift givers packaged it all together.  So cute!

When she finished opening her gifts, we shared some things with Rynata about her wedding day that she and her mom found very amusing!  It was definitely an afternoon full of laughs :)

What a gift to bless this couple with all these great things for their kitchen as they start their new life together!

Rynata with each of her aunts!

 The bride and mother of the bride!  What a fun celebration!

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