Saturday, December 10, 2011

***Giveaway*** Live Santa Video Call

(Kylie at 6 months old)

I love watching how my kids change from year to year as they interact with Santa.  This will be Nathan's first year sitting in Santa's lap and I'm really curious to see what he thinks.  Kylie has always been pretty chill with Santa and gets a little speechless but she loves it the same.  However, I hate paying a ridiculous amount of money for a little 5x7 picture and waiting for hours in that mall line can be awful.  One year I put off the visit until Christmas Eve and we waited in line for 2 hours ... never will I make that mistake again!

Here's a great alternative.  Santa's Video Call offers your child an opportunity to see and talk to Santa live at the North Pole from the comfort of your own home via a skype video call.  It saves time and money by avoiding the expensive mall photo plus you don't have to fight the crowds and stand in long mall lines.

During the call, your child can see and talk live with Santa and whether your child is on the nice list and deserves praise, or on the naughty list and need encouragement, it's at a time that is convenient for your family (between 5am and 10pm) from the comfort of your own home!  A single call with Santa starts at $11.99 and you can schedule more visits with Santa to check in on little Jack or Jane's behavior the closer it gets to Christmas.

Check out all the details and sign up for your own Santa's Video Call!

Here's the best part...

One of you will win a Live Chat with Santa

To enter, send an email with your name, your child’s name, child’s age, email address, and phone number to

The contest closes at midnight (Arizona time) on 12/14/11, and the winner will be drawn & notified on 12/15/11.

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