Saturday, November 26, 2011

Staples: Free Batteries after 100% Rewards

I feel like evertime I turn around, another toy or gadget in our house is out of batteries, so I'm so thankful for all the great opportunities to stock up when they go on sale.  Now is one of those times when Staples is offering batteries free after a 100% rebate to your Staples Rewards!  I use my rewards to purchase ink cartridges for my printer as I seem to go through a lot of them!

Buy the 16pk of Duracell AA or AAA batteries for $12.99 and you'll earn $12.99 in rewards in the following period.  You can do this deal twice to earn a total of $25.98 back in rewards. 

Staples Rewards is store credit that is earned when purchasing certain advertised items and when returning empty ink cartridges.  Occasionally, there are special 100% offers like these batteries.  Rewards are distributed four times a year and you can learn more here.

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