Monday, October 24, 2011

Plum District: Erin Condren Personalized Life Planner for $22!

Recently around the blogosphere, I have heard so much buzz about Erin Condren's Personalized Life Planners.  For those of you that know a little bit about me, I am a planner and proud of it :)  I love being organized and having lists and my planner looks like a crazy woman's scratch pad!  I make notes, jot down contact info for clients, track miles & destinations for tax purposes for my real estate business, and keep track of my family's crazy life.  Just thinking about all those small details gets me excited :0  I love the idea of having all you need in one pretty place but I simply couldn't be convinced to spend $50 on a my yearly planner.  However...
Today's Plum District deal is $25 for $50 Worth of Personalized Erin Condren Holiday Photo Cards, Calendars, Customized Labels, and so much more including her Personalized Life Planner!  I normally buy mine at Office Max or Staples for about $20, but when I saw everything that was included in this planner and the fact that I could personalize it, I decided it's worth a try to see if I love it as much as everyone else does :)  Then, Jess's blog made me aware of Julie's blog where she shares that you can get another 15% off your Erin Condren purchase by using the code FABULOUS at checkout! (Thanks for the awesome tip Jess!)

 I'm trying to decide between this one and one other design!

 Love the colorful layout with the spiral binding that opens up to one easy to see layout!

I love all these big spaces to fill in with my weekly life events!!!

I've seen other daily planner options that you can download for free and print yourself, but after factoring in the cost of ink & paper and given the fact that mine gets so much use I need something that is portable and sturdy and will last a year of abuse by yours truly.



Anonymous said...

This sounds like something I would like to buy. Can you tell me how much your shipping charge was for the planner? I have tried searching on their website and am having trouble finding it. I live in Az too. Thank you!

Becca said...

I haven't actually purchased mine yet as I just got my voucher this morning but I'll let you know as soon as I order!

Anonymous said...

I tried to order something and got to the end and it showed me the cost. I believe it was approx. $8.50. I wasn't sure what I was going to purchase so I have to go back to place my order as well. Thank you for posting about this!