Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nathan 10 Months Old

I can't believe that Nathan is going to be one year old in less than 60 days!  He seems like he has grown up so much in the past few weeks but my mind can't comprehend that he is almost one.  For the past few days, he has actually been sick with a little stomach bug but he is still as lovable as ever, just a little uncomfortable :(

Here's some things I want to remember about him at 10 months:

*He is so close to walking on his own!  I know he is physically able to do it, he just needs the confidence to actually do it.  He will let go of things to stand up on his own, but no steps anyplace yet.  I learned shortly after he was born that his birth-mother started walking at nine months so I wasn't surprised when he was started making progress. 

*He likes pretty much anything and we're starting to experiment with foods more.  For some reason, I was super adventurous with Kylie from the first bite of solid food she took.  With Nathan, because of his tummy troubles that lasted for so long, I was more hesitant but now he's tried and liked a lot of different foods.  His favorites are applesauce and sweet potatoes and he loves those Gerber Puffs!  (I dislike the sugar and processed food in them, but they allow him to be at the dinner table with us without screaming!)

*He is extremely verbal these days and always want to put in his own two cents.  He's still pretty much sticking to the "da da da" sounds in every tone and volume because it's easy for him, but we will occasionally hear some other sounds.  I'm still waiting for "ma ma" but I know it's just around the corner.  He also really likes to have conversations with people and will talk back and forth.  I'm always curious to know what he's "saying" and think about the old movie, Look Who's Talking.

*He is getting really good at using his sad face to get what he wants.  His lips start to turn upside down and quiver and he looks so sad!  It kinda' breaks my heart so I know I'm going to have to work hard on not giving in to what he wants as he gets older.  He keeps stealing more of my heart every day!

*Just this week, he started patting my back when I pick him up to give him a hug.  It's just a natural thing for me to pick him up and gently tap his back a few times and I just realized a few days ago that he was doing that to me too.  Already such a sensitive spirit - just like big sis :)

*I feel like this is stating the obvious but he still has the most amazing blue eyes that seem to get bluer and brighter all the time!  If I had a dollar every time a stranger mentions them, I think his college education would be funded.

*This has been a tough month of teething for Nathan but I think we got the major ones in now.  He's been extra fussy and putting anything in your mouth to gnaw on.  It was obvious that he was uncomfortable so I'm glad that we made it through this round of teeth for now!  It's been funny because his 3 bottom teeth came in a few months ago but the next 2 teeth to come in were his top incisors.  At his 9 month check-up, his pediatrician commented that he could be Dracula for Halloween and it was totally true!  They finally came in and in the past two weeks, 2 more of his top teeth have popped through so I think the hardest part for now is done.  It's funny to think that we never had any idea when Kylie was teething as she never exhibited the normal signs when she was teething.  This makes sense because she still doesn't cry when she gets hurt unless it's really bad and she has a really high pain tolerance.   It will be interesting to see what Nathan's pain tolerance is as he gets older.

I love my kids more and more every day and thank the Lord everyday for the blessing they are.  Kylie is doing so great at Kindergarten and we think her teacher is wonderful.  It's been really different having her gone during the day, but it's also been really sweet to have alone time with Nathan.  He gets so excited when we pick her up from school and I hope they continue to be good buddies.  I also hope Kylie continues to love having Nathan play with her as much as she does now, even though he's getting into her stuff a lot more than he used to :0

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