Friday, August 12, 2011

Kylie 1st Day of Kindergarten

It's hard to believe that yesterday already passed because it always seemed like a day that was so far off.  My baby girl who started out at just over 5 lbs and completely dependent on me for everything in life when she was born,experienced her first day of school. 

She was totally ready and excited and for the most part I was too!  I didn't think I would be the super sad weepy parent that would have a horrible time saying goodbye and for the most part that was true.  Yesterday was actually a half day and the parents attended with their children to get everyone adjusted - we both did great.  The only time I began to get teary eyed was when we had to write a letter to our child that the teacher will read to each student tomorrow.  That's when it hit me that she's now entered a new stage of life that we will never go back to :(  I am so confident in the little woman that she has become and I love the sweet tender heart that the Lord gave her, it's just scary to entrust her into someone else's hands for so long.

I am so excited about Kylie's school and teacher and even more excited that she is going to be in a classroom with her two best girlfriends in the world!  We made the decision to put her in a school that is outside our district but that we really liked.  In fact, I learned yesterday that 75% of the kindergartners are from outside the school's boundary!  We are confident this is the school for us.

As a sweet friend put it, we wanted to be someplace where we could build community with people that our children were going to be spending so much of their life with and we have found that.  It's an amazing blessing and I am so grateful to see this year and the coming years unfold.

I'm sure that before I know it, I will turn around and Nathan will be walking in those same school doors as a Kindergartner, so I want to be intentional about the special time that he and I will get while Kylie is in school.  Having kids further apart than we intended it has brought so many unknown blessings and once again, the Lord knew better than I did - go figure :)

 So excited for her first day!  (BTW, those signs are free printables here!)

 Really, another picture mom!?!
 Some of her new & favorite buddies!

 Best buddies since they were born!

To those of you that those of you with children that are getting ready to start school for the first time or for the last time, my prayers are with you and I'm confident that you too will make it through your first days :)

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