Monday, July 11, 2011

Kylie's Hello Kitty Princess Tutu Birthday Party

Last week, Kylie had a delayed 5th birthday party that was truly fit for a princess!  Several months ago, I bid on a Jujus Tutus birthday party package at the CFCA spring brunch & fashion show.  I figured it was about the same amount of money I would have spent on a birthday party anyways and the money was going to a great cause.  I could not have been any happier and my daughter truly felt like a princess for the morning!  The only bummer about the package was that it only included 4 girls but in the end, that ended up being perfect for Kylie and she and her best friends had a wonderful time!!! 

The party package included everything so I just showed up and participated - no shopping and stressing and crafting to make it everything I wanted it to be.  Julie took care of the decor, snacks, cupcakes, paper goods, craft for the kids, music for the dance party :), customized tutus for each girl w/matching tutus for their bear or doll, set-up, clean-up and everything else!  Such a blessing to have all this.

Thanks so much to JujusTutus for the party and to INVU Portraits for capturing the day in pictures!
I have never had a photographer take photos of my own party for me since I love taking pictures myself.  However I'm spoiled now because it was amazing!  Knowing that someone else was catching all the special moments I wanted so I could actually be a part of the party rather than the observer taking pictures was a real treat!  Not sure it will happen again, but it was awesome and the pictures turned out wonderful. 

Have a look at the festivities for yourself...

P.S. I love the new Photoshop Elements software that I got for such a great deal but I'm having a difficult time learning how to use it, specifically for scrapbooking.  If anyone has any great sites or blogs that offer free tutorials, I would love to know what they are!

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