Friday, April 1, 2011

4 Months Old

I'm a few weeks late but I want to remember everything I can as my memory seems to be fading already!  Nathan was 4 months old a few weeks back but unfortunately we've been dealing with some medical stuff that has been taking up quite a bit of time.  We're not done with it yet, but hopefully we'll get some answers soon and we're trusting the Lord and grateful for health insurance!  He continues to be such a blessing to our family and we can't imagine him not being a part of us!

Some things about Nathan at 4 months old:
*You're still in size 2 diapers
*Definitely into 6 months clothing and definitely getting cuter every day!
*To help with your reflux, we started rice cereal twice a day and you seem to really like it.  The only thing is you can't get it fast enough and don't seem to realize that it will fill your belly just like the bottle :)
*He's still loving bath time and being on the changing table - so many smiles and giggles there!
*You're so close to rolling over and will be there in a few days I'm sure
*You still hate being on your tummy but you're definitely getting stronger at holding your head up
*You love to laugh and you give us the biggest grin when you're in the mood - truly a smile that would melt anyone's heart!
*Unfortunately you are still not sleeping through the night but we're hoping to figure out why soon.  It breaks our heart to see you uncomfortable and we're working on it baby!
*We had a chance to visit the cabin a few weeks ago and were able to spend more time with Nathan's birthmom.  It's such a blessing to have the open relationship that we do with her and we always look forward to seeing her when we visit the cabin!

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