Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mom's Night Out with Scottsdale Mom's Blog for AZ residents

Sometimes, as moms it's easy to feel a bit isolated from the world, especially when we have younger children and even more so when we have multiple younger children.  Having grown up in the Scottsdale area for the past 20-some years, I have barely managed to keep in touch with a few groups of friends from church, school, and work that I am eternally grateful for!  But without these relationships to keep me grounded and remind me that there is more to life than bottles and Caillou, I think I would go insane, literally!  Feeling connected to a group is vitally important to our well being and makes us better mommies and wives!

If you are new to the Phoenix area and are looking for a way to connect with other moms, or you would like to meet a new group of incredible women, Scottsdale Moms Blog is a great place to start.  The founders are two local moms that wanted to create a common place for moms to come together and find community with each other.  If you have recently moved here, this is a great place to start to meet some really genuine moms that can relate to each other's stage in parenting, whatever that stage is.  SMB offers great resources for moms in the Phoenix area including playdates, ice cream socials, anniversary parties, and my personal favorite, Mom's Night Out! 

Their next Mom's Night Out is coming up in April so I would encourage you to go check it out if you are looking for something like this.  I have met some great ladies this way and I hope that you get to experience the same thing!

SMB also offers giveaways like the one I won last week, tickets to Sesame Street Live - isn't that fun!

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