Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recap & Pictures: Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate

I've learned that I have to give myself a little grace in getting things done now that I have 2 kids and am operating on a lot less sleep.  (The little guy is still only sleeping 3 hours at night so we're hoping that turns around quickly!) So last week we had the chance to go see Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate with some super great friends and it was wonderful!

Let's Celebrate was probably our favorite of all the shows that we have seen and Kylie and I both were thoroughly entertained!  As the name implies, most of the show focused on different celebrations in life like Christmas, Birthdays, Chinese New Year, Mardis Gras, Carnival and others.  And it wouldn't be a Disney show without all the favorite characters like Mickey & Minnie, Daisy & Donald, Woody, Jessie, all the princesses, and many more!  There was even an appearance by the magic broomsticks & Micky the Magician from Fantasia.  That might have been my favorite part :)  Everything got dark and glow in the dark broomsticks started coming down from the ceiling and out onto the ice.  It was so cool!

These events are such a fun opportunity to take your kids to an event that they will remember forever.  In our family, Disneyland will probably only come a few times growing up because of the high cost, but an event like Disney on Ice is much more affordable, especially with the money saving deals that I'm able to pass along to you.  I hope you get to take your kids to an event like this next time, and be sure to let me know when you go so I can meet you there!

Now you can enjoy some pics from the night!

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