Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 Months Old

It's hard to believe how quickly the time is going as my little guy is already 2 months old!  He has been such a joy to our family and we absolutely love everything about him.  We are so blessed by his presence and he is such an incredible gift to our family!  Kylie is such an amazing big sister and I love watching her sensitive spirit take on the protector/helper role.  If there was a prize for the most kisses given, she would definitely earn it with Nathan :)

Here's a few things I want to remember about you:

*You are now in size 1 diapers and you are just starting to grow out of your newborn clothes :(  I can't believe this is already happening and I miss how you these same clothes used to be too big on you! This time is going by too quickly and I have to remember to live in each moment with both of my children.

*You have the most kissable chubby cheeks I've ever seen and you are getting some chunk on you.  You don't look as much like the old man you did when you were first born & you are becoming rounder and cuter!

*I will find out next week exactly how much you weigh but it's got to be a lot because momma's back hurts!  A few weeks ago you were 9lbs 13 oz and I'm sure you are much bigger now! 

*You make the saddest face as you are getting ready to cry and your bottom lip quivers like an earthquake.  Kylie calls you the "poorest whip quiver" and gets a kick out of nicknaming you!

*You still love being held in the bjorn and I love how you snuggle into me to fall asleep. Hopefully my back can take it and I think I'm going to start using my Ergo carrier to distribute your weight!

*You are eating 4 oz each feeding but you're still getting up exactly every 3 hours to eat.  That makes for some long nights and sleepy parents :(  Hopefully you will start stretching these out overnight because we all need some longer stretches of sleep!

*You are just on the brink of smiling and I know it's going to happen any day now!  I love watching how big your eyes get when you're excited and your smile will light up the world someday :)

Happy 2 months Nathan!


Aaron and Jean said...

So sweet Becca! Looks like everyone is doing well, we are so happy for your new little one. Hopefully we'll get to meet him soon!

The Lenning Family said...

That was a great post Becca, so sweet. Nathan is just precious, so very handsome. We can't wait to meet him, hopefully someday soon. :)