Monday, November 22, 2010

Clarification on Fry's Competitor Coupons Policy = Even Bigger Savings!

I've been loving Fry's the past few weeks, with the great stock up sales and their policy of accepting competitor's $$ off XX coupons, my grocery budget has been extra low!  Juli at Bargain Beliver recently emailed me to let me know of a conversation she had with Fry's corporate to clarify the coupon policy and it was some really great news

The bottom line: their policy states their cashiers are to take the $$ off coupons BEFORE they any manufacturer coupons are deducted!
Read about her full conversation with Fry's regarding their coupon policy here!

Thanks Juli at Bargain Believer!

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Juli said...

Oh, I sooo hope you see this comment before your email goes out!! Their policy has changed again and it's back to them only accepting one Fresh & Easy coupon at a time. They will accept a different competitor's coupon at the same time, if it's available, but not two Fresh & Easy. I'm so sorry for the confusion. I sent you the email before I knew you'd be a little busy with your new blessing and then completely forgot that I sent it. Since then, I've deleted that post and also done other posts to clarify. So, so, so sorry!! I should have thought to update that post to prevent confusion like this.