Friday, September 10, 2010

80% off Gift Certificates at

It's time to order your restaurant gift certificates at and get 80% off the original price.  These allow us to stretch our budget so much farther and we love the restaurant options.  You can't beat a $25 gift certificate to a great restaurant for less than $2!

Use the code TOUCHDOWN at checkout to get the additional 80% discount.

Offer good until Monday 9/13.

1 comment:

Cary said...

Well, it would actually be $12 since most will only accept certificate with a minimum purchase. I just bought two certificates for $4 (total) and now it says I can only use ONE at a time and must make a $50 minimum order. So, this would cost me a minimum of $25 more since I can only use one $25 gift card. But, this is 50% so still a good deal. I figure it couldn't hurt (That bad) to try!