Wednesday, August 4, 2010

$5 Admission to AZ Science Center Thursday 8/5 only

If you have nothing going on tomorrow, definitely take advantage of the awesome $5 admission deal to the Arizona Science Center.  I am going next week so I tried to pick up a Culture Pass from the library but was unsuccessful, so I'll try again tomorrow.  However, I'm thinking we might make a special trip tomorrow just to take advantage of their great deal.

According to the AZ Science Center FB page, "Hot deal on cool science! Get $5 admission 8/5 at AZ Science Ctr – just whisper ‘HOT’ to cashier! Other $5 specials include IMAX films, SkyCycle, Goose Bumps and Dorrance Planetarium! Valid 8/5/10 only, limit 2"

Looks like it will be a cool & inexpensive (but likely busy) day at the science center!

Thanks, Julie!

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~Julie~ said...

Your welcome, I hope some one else was able to share in on this great deal. Thank you Becca for the culture pass suggestion, that would have been better, but $5 a person isn't bad at all. You will have a BLAST!!! so much to see and it changes every time I go! I made a blog post about our trip with some photographs if you want to check it out.