Tuesday, June 15, 2010

60 Years of Marraige

On Sunday, I joined our family in celebrating a beautiful anniversary for my grandparents, their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  There are very few people that have the opportunity to celebrate this occasion in their lives and I'm blessed to have this as part of my heritage. I have been close with my grandparents throughout my childhood, and even had the once in a lifetime chance to live with them while I was in college before I got married.  Their relationship has always been one that I have looked to as an example for my own marriage, one of serving, submission, loving people and loving Jesus.

They both love the Lord dearly and have committed to following hard after Him in every aspect of their lives.  They desired to minister to young couples and were instrumental in starting the wedding ministry at our large church, they open their house to almost strangers year round for PEO bed & breakfast, they serve tirelessly with various charities including our adoption agency, Christian Family Care Agency, and they spend their days attending activities for their kids & grandkids.  They are the best grandparents I could ask for and I love them so much.

I pray that my hubby and I will be as involved and in love and exemplify Christ at our 60th anniversary as both of them are.  Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa, you've created a legacy...

They played the Newlywed Game answering questions about the year they got married and got almost all them correct!
My mom got crafty with a few things including this mural she drew and asked everyone in the family to help color it to symbolize all of us being part of the same family.  The little kids especially loved this :)  She also created this little logo to symbolize their lives, "Open Hearts Open Hands."
We used my cricut machine to make paper flowers and asked everyone to write a word to describe their marriage.  The ended up beautiful and I know my granparents enjoyed reading them!
When they got married 60 years ago, they didn't have a wedding cake to cut or feed each other.  This time, their kids made sure to have a wedding cake and it was beautiful.  It's so obvious that they love each other just as much as they did when they married so many years ago :)  And isn't that cake beautiful!

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