Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Busy...

This week I've been super focused on Kylie's upcoming birthday party that I haven't done much else. 

I ordered the circle tags I fell in love with from TomKat Studio which was a total answer to prayers because I thought I was too late.  You see, I failed to read the fine print stating that all orders take 4 business days to complete.  Note to self, next time read the fine print!  I placed my order yesterday, Tuesday, which means that they should have come next Monday, 2 days after her party is finished...oops!  Thankfully, her amazing assistant was able to save the party and get me the file earlier than 4 days, so I will be hard at work cutting lots of circles out tomorrow!  Thank you for your provision in even the little things, Lord :)

I've also been working on putting together a happy birthday banner for her party.  Another idea from TomKat Studio.  Seriously you have to check out Kim's site, it's amazing!  I pulled out my Cricut and I've still got so much to learn, I even had to open the directions to remember how to turn it on!  It's only he second project I've tried since getting the thing at Christmas and I'm falling in love more each time I turn it on. 

BTW, don't these papers go together fabulously!?!  I am so looking forward to putting everything out and I can't wait to see it all together!

I also picked up Kylie's birthday outfit from Juju's Tutus and Mackmay Designs.  I forgot to get a picture of the shirt before she went to bed tonight.  Is it not beautiful?  I can't wait to see her spin and twirl around in this for her party.  These are the most adorable things I've seen and I'm so blessed to have a girly girl that likes dressing up.  We're going to hit pictures at JC Penny's on Friday before her party so the outfit still is in one piece!

Finally, my little girl graduated from her first year of preschool yesterday.  Even though she's only been there for 2 months, it seems like it's been such a huge milestone and it feels like she's grown a year in such a short time.  Her teachers were such a blessing and we will miss them dearly come next week and there is no place to go.  Thankfully we will be back next year and we'll look forward to watching the Lord provide the perfect teacher for Kylie.  Congratulations on your graduation, sweetie, Mommy loves you so much!

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