Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

(Sorry it's taken so long to post these - I've been unable to download my pictures to my computer because it's telling me the hard drive is full!  I'm not sure how to fix this and what I have to delete but I'm still trying to make room.  I think it might be time for a computer doctor visit :(  )

On Sunday, my daughter celebrated her 4th birthday.  It is amazing to watch her grow up and see her personality develop and watch her grow into the woman the Lord created her to be!  She is the sweetest thing that has happened to our family and I cherish the times that we have with her, knowing that nothing is guaranteed and that every day is a gift.  Thank you, Jesus, for this amazing gift!

We had a party on Saturday and I decided to go with a really cute ice cream social theme.  We were surrounded by friends and family and the weather could not have been more cooperative.  We put up a friend's bounce house, filled the kiddie pool with water, built the climber and enjoyed yummy ice cream sundaes.  I also got really crafty and had fun making all the decorations & special treats this year.  It was so fun to be Martha for the day, and because I had the time, I was able to do these things for the party.  As much as I loved it, I pray and hope that next year we'll have our hands full with a new baby to put all that time into making her birthday party so involved.  Until then, I'll give all my energy & time to these fun activities.  Here's a peek into her special day!  We love you so much, Kylie :)

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The Lenning Family said...

Yay, some pictures of that sweetheart girl of yours! Happy Birthday Kylie! You are so precious and very loved by all.