Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am so grateful for my husband and my daughter and I am blessed beyond deserving.  The Lord is so good to me and I am so grateful for my life.  As much as both Eric and I dearly want to have more children, we can finally say with honesty that if this is all the family that He gives us, we are blessed. 

We are still waiting for the phone call from our adoption agency telling us that a birth-family wants to meet us, but we've been told that there simply has been a lull in birth-moms coming in. 

Our 2nd time in the match-book has been very different from the first time.  In researching CFCA, our case worker told us that it normally takes approximately 6-9 months before a match is made.  Obviously this will be very different for each family, but 6-9 months is the norm.  The fact that a birth-family choose us just 4 weeks after becoming available the first time was not normal, but we were thrilled.  Now that we are back in the book and waiting again, I remember that waiting is hard!  It's only been 2 and a half months and we pray that we get to meet a family soon.  But in honor of a friend that recently lost her husband unexpectedly, I've made a decision to live every day to its fullest.  With that in mind, here is some of what we've been up to recently.

My big girl is getting so big and it's hard to believe she will be turning 4 soon!?!  Where did the past 48 months go?  Here she is on Easter morning.

Both Eric and I celebrate our birthdays in April, so we get a lot of birthday food freebies!  On Friday, we each took advantage of our free dinners at Behinanna.  What a great time and Kylie loved watching the chef do all his cooking tricks! 

On Sunday, we drove about an hour to Horseshoe Dam near Bartlett Lake.  The run-off from the snow on the mountains is incredible and we loved seeing the waterfall and eating at the base of the dam!  There is even a walkway right under the dam where we explored and tried to stay dry.

And last night, we decided to have a camp-out in the backyard.  Eric finally finished the backyard and it is amazing, thanks in large part to his manual labor, help from family, and Craigslist!  So with soft grass to sleep on, we enjoyed smores around a campfire, looked at the stars out of the awesome tent I found on clearance at Target last year, and some "not so comfortable or restful but still enjoyable" sleep. 
What have you been up to recently?


Scottsdale Moms Blog said...

You have FABULOUS info on your site!!! I love reading it. Thinking of you and your family...

Erin McFarland said...

Hey Bec! The way you choose to live life is an encouragement and inspiration to me!! Love you and thankful for the friendships our families have!!

Mrs. U said...

Thank you SOOOO much for visiting my blog!!! And a big SUPER THANK YOU for the link to! YAY!! I'm definitely giving this link to my husband right now!!!

I am VERY excited for your family with the (hopefully soon!!) addition to your family!! We're waiting, too, for a birth mother to choose us. Oh, and our daughter will be 4 this Sunday!! Looks like our children will be spaced apart the same!!!

Thank you again!!

Mrs. U