Thursday, January 7, 2010

Target Diaper Clearance & Cheap Cricut Cartriges

Yesterday, I ventured out to Target to pick up a few deals and some "poop presents." We've been regressing a bit in the potty training department so I thought a bit of encouragement would be good. (There are some great toys in the dollar bins!) Between presents and a daily dose of prune juice and Karo Syrup, I'm hoping to get some regularity going again for her!

While I was there, I was hunting for some great bargains, especially since I scored some amazing toy deals for 75% off last year. (I'm still waiting since things are only marked down 30% off.) I happened to check the baby aisle and I grabbed an awesome deal on diapers! There were about 6 boxes of Huggies and Pampers that were marked down 50% off! I bought 3 of the large boxes for my stockpile for just $14 and will bring my coupons back since I forgot them at home. (If you so the same thing, they told me to bring a receipt and the coupons and they would give me cash back for the difference as long as they hadn't expired.)

Between the $1.50 diapers at babies r us last week and stocking up during previous sales, I should be good on diapers for both my kiddos for several months! And hopefully Kylie will be totally finished with diapers at nighttime soon!

I am so excited to try out one of my Christmas presents, and Cricut Personal Cutter!!! I saw this being demonstrated and thought how much fun this would be for card making, scrapbooking, crafting, and everything else that I dream of doing someday :) I hesitated because I didn't want to spend more money on the cartridges, but thought I could frequent craigslist and that it would give me something easy to ask for at holidays and birthdays.

Lucky for me, I happened to check out the bargains board on The Grocery Game and found a website that is having a clearance on all their Cricut cartridges - just $29 plus $5 flat shipping. This is still expensive but a whole lot better than $69-$89 regular price at Michael's & Joann's! I ordered a cartridge I love, Doodletype, and can't wait to experiment with it. They even have the Disney and Sesame Street cartridges for this price! I was able to get this for a lot less than even a 50% off sale at the store so I'm a happy camper! If you are a crafter, do you have any other suggestions for where to get deals on these cartridges?

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