Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So much to do, so little time...

I apologize that I haven't been posting much at all the past several days. It seems that the closer we get to our anticipated baby's birth, the more things we find that have to get done. Between putting away Christmas (sigh...), bringing out all the baby gear from storage (yikes), finishing the backyard remodel we began too many months ago, and all the normal things to do in a day, I'm pretty overwhelmed! But I also know that none of this has to get done before the baby comes - I would just like it to be done.

Before we were matched with our birth-parents, we were in the midst of a backyard project, 99% of which was coordinated and labored by my hubby! It's so great to be married to a handy-man but it also makes for long tiring days for him outside and long days for us inside! I am so blessed and amazed at all his abilities and willingness to try anything, but we're realizing that some things are better worth our time and sanity to pay for the expertise! I'm confident we will be finished in time to start enjoying the amazing Arizona spring weather. It's in the low 70's today, praise God!

There's no new news to report on the adoption front. So many people have encouraged and blessed us both financially and emotionally as we get closer to his due date on January 17. Every time the phone rings I wonder if it will be the birth father letting us know that the birth mom has gone into labor. I could worry myself sick about it, but I'm trying to focus my energies on the special time that we have remaining to be just a family of 3. Kylie is so excited to be a big sister and talks about it constantly. Everytime we're at the store, she will pick something up and say "I want to get this for my baby brother," even if it's a roll of paper towels! She is going to be amazing and I can't wait to watch their relationship develop.

Finally, for Christmas last year, my mom gave me a gift certificate to paint something for my house with my life Bible verse on it. Last week we had a chance to complete our project at As You Wish and I picked it up the other day. I love it (thanks Mom) and I hope I remember to meditate upon His promise for me hour by hour each day for the rest of my life . . . .

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