Friday, January 22, 2010

Make A Difference...

I typically don't post political stuff on my blog, but it's my blog :) and I think it's important. I will never judge anyone for thinking differently than I, but for those that want to protect the basic foundations of our free society, read on.

As a believer and as a mom, I subscribe to a few e-newsletters that keep me in the loop regarding what is going on in our city/state/nation that supports or rejects the values our family holds true. I feel the more educated I am, the more in tune I can be with threats to my family, and the more specifically I know how to pray.

One of the e-newsletters I receive is from the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP). I get a short email once a week that is very timely and gives me ways to politely voice my opinion about what is going on. You can sign up to receive the free emails for yourself here. Following is one of the notices that I received from CAP today. "Apple is now allowing customers to purchase pornography applications for the popular iPhone through its iTunes store. Please let Apple know that this is unacceptable by filling out a brief form online. For "feedback type" on the form, click on "Enhancement Request." Also, make sure you closely monitor your child's cell phone use." I'm sure our grand/parents never imagined the things that we face today.

Even if you don't subscribe to the emails, please send a quick note if you disagree with this practice, it literally took me less than 60 seconds.

Another e-newsletter I receive is I love it because it specifically gives me a way to help protect our children by what they see on television. It's hard to believe what is allowed on t.v. these days and any little bit I can do to help is worth my time. You can subscribe to their updates here.

Imagine the number of people that would begin to respond if everyone that receives this forwards it to just 5 people you know. That would be almost 3000 people with the chance to make a positive difference - just from this little blog!

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Amy said...

I sent feedback about the iPhone app, that is so wrong!! Thanks for the info and for the chance to tell them so!

Praying for your birthmom today!!