Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visitors, Remodeling, and Adoptions

I apologize for being non-existent for the past several days. It's been a whirlwind of a week for us and it's only going to get busier. On Thursday, my dad & step-mom came to visit us from Colorado. We haven't seen them since May so it was a great chance to hang out and catch up. They will be leaving on Monday and we hate saying good-bye.

We're also in the process of extending our patio so we can play outside now that it's so nice. But it's meant a lot of people working and a lot of noise outside. They've done a great job and it's coming together so well.

Lastly, Thursday also gave us a call from our adoption agency letting us know some birth parents want to meet us! This is what we've been waiting for and praying for and we are thrilled beyond belief. We have been preparing for our meeting on Tuesday and we know this is only the first step in a lifelong journey for us.

With all these thing going on, I've hardly had a chance to sit down to our computer. We're trying to fill out a grant application thru Lifesong for Orphans, an agency that provides financial help and ideas for adoptions. We're trying to fill out the application as quickly as possible so we can get it in the mail this week. It takes a while to get approved and we don't have a lot of time in this situation.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement and I love knowing that our family has all of you cheering us on. I'll try to post a few thing between now & Tuesday but we will be so busy and I know all of you will be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Remember that this is a time to be thankful for who and what we have so keep that thought in the back of your head as your preparing a meal for visitors or traveling to visit loved ones.

May we all be grateful for what the Lord has provided and the great ways he gives us to stretch our money to honor Him!

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Michelle Baltz said...

Those are super exciting news Becca!! I'll be praying for you guys!!.