Thursday, November 12, 2009

$5 off Coupon at Hallmark in Women's Day, Martha Stewart living

Yesterday I had a chance to sit and read a few of my magazines and got a nice surprise. Inside Women's Day and Martha Stewart Living, I found a Hallmark coupon that is $5 off any $5 purchase! Just in time for the holidays! These can't be combined with any offer. Keep your eyes peeled for other magazines these might be in. Above is what the coupon looks like and it also is slightly smaller than the magazine pages and made with thicker paper. Just in time for some holiday cards!

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ceebee said...

Not surprised that Hallmark has been offering so many deals lately. I had read an article a few months back about how the popularity of Hallmark Ornament collecting is declining. Can't say if that is really true or not as I don't know.