Monday, October 12, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Oh, the simple words of my daughter as she awoke from her nap the other day.

It was finally time to get her reward for pooping on the potty (after 6 months of refusing to do so) and she wanted a Dora doll. As we were discussing what store we might find this doll at, I mentioned the CVS next to the restaurant where would be having dinner (and there is no better store in my opinion!)

My beautiful daughter simply replied "Momma, don't worry about CVS right now. We're not going to talk about that now." Gotta love her!

As it ends up, we did find the Dora, Diego, and Jaguar dolls on the clearance shelf along with a few other things on sale & free. Total cost for everything pictured was $1.75 after ECBs and I paid that with a gift card!

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