Friday, September 18, 2009

How do the flu, strep throat, & stockpiling have to do with each other?

Edited: We've now confirmed that it's definitely not the swine flu - just a really bad case of strep throat!

I'm glad you asked because I would not have known before this morning.

Today has not exactly worked out had we had planned. My husband was supposed to come home from work this morning, we were supposed to pack up the van and head to our friend's home, and we were supposed to spend the weekend in the cool mountains of Pinetop some dear friends. Not so much...

Instead, my hubby got an itchy throat yesterday morning. By the end of the day, he was sent home sick from work (and this guy absolutely loves his job!) and went to the Minute Clinic at CVS to discover that he has strep throat and possibly the swine flu!!! I feel so terrible just looking at the pain he's in - I couldn't imagine just being him :( I've been praying for him all day long and I guess there's a reason why he was supposed to have his next shift off work so that his body can heal.

But there were a few silver linings of the day. Because I've learned the art of stockpiling, I have a box full of medicines that I've gotten for free or almost free. Our family doesn't get sick (in the normal sense) very often so we don't take many over the counter drugs. I've picked them up when they are free or money makers, but that's about it. This morning I was very grateful for that stockpile.

When my hubby came home, he was given the recommendation to take Tylenol Cold & Flu for the flu symptoms, a liquid cocktail of Maalox & liquid Benadryl to aid the sore throat, and Chloraseptic spray if above didn't work. Because I just happened to have all of these in my stockpile I was able to save about $25 in medicine that I would have purchased for him! Thank you, Jesus!

He also had a prescription for penicillin that he dropped at the pharmacy. When I picked up his prescription at CVS, I had a coupon from Safeway for $30 with a new/transferred script so I was able to profit $20 (in the form of a CVS gift card) after paying our co-pay. Another huge praise as this gift card will probably last me another 9+ months at CVS!

I write this post to ask you to keep my husband in your prayers but also as a reminder of how helpful and cost effective stockpiling can be! Sickness is obviously something that none of us can plan for, however if we can try to be prepared when it's not the heat of the moment, there can be significant savings!

Oh, and the answer to the question how do these things relate to each other = significant cost savings, even profit! And just to be clear, I don't recommend anyone trying to get sick for these cost savings, definitely not worth the sacrifice on the body!

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