Thursday, July 9, 2009

Phoenix Parks & Rec Registration Tonight

Update: Oops, tonight's date/time was for a different registration, not for these activities. The correct fall activity registration begins on August 1. I'll post a reminder at that time. Sorry for any confusion!

I have tried to get Kylie involved in different activities to help expose her to lots of things and help her find what she really likes. The most affordable way we've done this is by taking advantage of the many classes offered through the City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation programs. Kylie has taken ballet, tap, tumbling, swim lessons and a few others, and she's enjoyed almost all of them along with making some great friends!

The registration for the fall classes begins tonight at 7pm. Be prepared because during the last registration, there were so many people online at the same time trying to register for classes that the site crashed, so be patient and don't give up. The best time to try to register is late in the evenings and early in the mornings.

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